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  1. Hi Walter,
    I am CEO of Barrett. Thank you for your article on Barrett dated 07-04-13. Please note that your title “WAR” ARM should instead be “WAM” ARM
    🙂 Bill Townsend


    • Hello, I am working with a falimy who has six children, the youngest of whom is determined little spitfire who happens to have Down’s Syndrome. He is 4 years old and is not a verbal communicator. He has been receiving physical and speech therapy since birth. He is home-schooled. He is demonstrating great frustration at not being able to have his speech attempts understood. I have worked with him using several augmentative communication apps on my iPad. He is highly motivated by the communicative abilities contained in these apps. His falimy does not have the funds to purchase an iPad for him.Do you know of any funding sources? Thank you for your consideration.Sincerely,Susan Montgomery


    • Hiya Les,Good to hear from you are you keeping track of proegrss on our wager with Mr. Romm? I broadly agree with you about current renewables being more part of a portfolio than a straight substitution at this point. One thing I hope to do here is walk through the construction of an adequate portfolio mix. But that’s getting ahead of myself


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