ABB Integrated Force Control sensors allow robots to operate with the dexterity of the human hand

2014-05-20 – ABB’s Integrated Force Control handles process variations with the sensitivity of the human hand while shortening programming time up to 70 percent.

From machining to small parts assembly, dexterous handling of work piece and tools is of the utmost concern. Small variations in the manufacturing phase can mean the difference between success and failure. To help deal with these issues, ABB Integrated Force Control technology makes robots more intelligent and able to handle variations in the process with real-time external inputs—much like a human would when handling a delicate item or precise dimensions.

The ABB force control sensors are: fully integrated into ABB’s hardware and software; protected against overload and EMC; certified to IP65; and suitable for high precision robotic applications with a compact and lightweight design. ABB’s offering includes three different types of integrated sensors which are compatible with most industrial robot models, from IRB 140 to IRB 6700. Sensors range in capacity from between 165 N/15Nm and 2500 N/400 Nm.

“Integrated Force Control opens up the possibility to automate tasks that have not been possible using traditional robot automation,” says ABB Product Manager Andreas Eriksson. “Compared with expensive, hard automation, robotic solutions equipped with integrated sensors are less expensive and require a greater degree of flexibility.”

Conventional robotic solutions are controlled by predefined paths and speeds. However, with ABB Integrated Force Control, the robot reacts to its surrounding and can deviate from its programmed path or speed based on feedback from the force sensor. It is possible to automate complex tasks which previously required skilled personnel and advanced fixed automation.

“When combined with vision guided robotics, like ABB Integrated Vision, ABB Integrated Force Control also allows for new ways of thinking about a myriad of other robotic automated functions that previously required skilled personnel,” adds Eriksson.

All ABB Robotics’ products are fully supported by the ABB Robotics’ global sales and service organization in 53 countries and over 100 locations.

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Source: ABB

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