MCAST ICT Institute wins first prize at the Malta Robotics Olympiad

MCAST ICT students won first prize at the Malta Robotics Olympiad organised by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) and the Department of eLearning. This activity provided young persons with the opportunity to develop their creativity and problem solving skills through challenging and educational robotic competitions.

ICT students Noel Mizzi, Brendan Schembri, John Fenech and Ian Chetcuti guided by lecturer Mr Franco Farrugia developed a robot entitled Robotic Prescription Dispensing System. This robot aids patients acquire medication without any physical need of medical staff. It is also designed to cater for patients with visual and hearing impairment disabilities.

Prior to the development of the robot, the team researched the hardware and software required for the robot to work as efficiently as possible. The robot consisted of a camera with facial recognition capabilities to recognise the patient. A round container divided into compartments to hold the necessary pills which turns according to the configured time programmed by the professional staff or care takers and an empty slot from where the patient can than retrieve the pills. The students also developed a website with the use of PHP and MySQL to control and store the data remotely.

Prof. Tony Dyson, the developer of the World’s most lovable Robot ‘R2-D2′ as featured in all the STAR WARS movies, attended the Malta Robotics Olympiad.  He conducted a keynote speech about ‘Robots of the Future’.

Source: Di.Ve 5/14/14

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