Innovative maritime drones applications at AUVSI 2014

AUVSI 2014 Photo Report – all photos by Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update

It took the Rapid Composite's team about one month to design, develop, build and fly this unique 'flying boat' rotorcraft. The drone's capabilities are not less impressive. Propelled by three powerful electrical motors, this waterproof (IP65) is carried by a single person. Pre-flight preparation takes only few seconds. The drone carries carries a variety of payloads, internal and external, some are attached using a standard Picatinny rail. The drone can carry up to 20 pounds on a mission of 30 minutes, and, at the cost that Rapid could produce them, the Navy would even consider using these flying robots expendable.


The Stop Rotor UAV is tested by the Naval Research Laboratory to evaluate potential platforms that could rapidly deploy torpedo decoys as part of a surface fleet anti-submarine defense. The drone takes off vertically from the deck, than transitions to forward flight, powered by a tail rotor, by stopping the rotor and flipping one blade to form a wing. The complete process takes only one second.


Another view of the XFC UAV.

When folded, the XFC UAV  is stored in a canister that fits the submarine torpedo tube.

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