A revolutionary humanoid robot that engages children faster than traditional therapy and delivers research-based lessons that teach social behaviors.

Our autism robot delivers innovative and research-based lessons that teach all aspects of social understanding. Our goal is to augment traditional therapy by improving a child’s ability to use social behaviors in natural contexts now and into adulthood.

RoboKind is a world leader in the robotics industry employing some of the nation’s top experts in robotics, artificial intelligence, and electrical, mechanical and software engineering.

Most robotics companies create robots that move and perform functions. RoboKind robots are created with unparalleled technology that produces the most lifelike robots in the world. Our breakthrough technology created the interactive and facial expression possible in humanoid robots including Einstein and Diego-san and Milo.

The RoboKind Difference

Robots with high-level artificial intelligence
Realistically show human emotions
Manufactured for real uses around the world in research, treatment, and education

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and build social robots that interact with people more naturally and personally than ever before to help them learn and grow. By continuing to make these robots affordable, we hope more people will take advantage of their capabilities and what they have to offer to our society.

Why Robots4Autism

Mechanical Inclination

Children with autism are mechanically inclined and have a drive to analyze or construct systems. They have a natural interest in robots as a mechanical system which encourages engagement with a robot without the social and communication challenges that children with autism have with other humans.

Supportive Research

The last decade of research shows technology moving to the forefront of autism therapy models.
Accelerate therapy progress through interactive communication devices
Support traditional instruction by professionals and caregivers
Play a significant role in the future of autism therapy

Robots4Autism Concept

Between 2009 and 2011, we explored reactions of people with autism spectrum disorders to humanlike robots at the University of Pisa (Italy). The result was quite positive; people with autism find it is less stressful to engage a robot vs. a human. The robot captures their attention for learning more significantly than the autism professional.

Following the prototype development, we selected autism experts with whom we collaborated to identify interventions that our robot could teach children with autism.

Collaboration with Autism Experts

RoboKind has the expertise to create the robot and we sought nationally recognized autism experts to help further develop interventional lessons for Milo our robot to teach.

Developed a social skills curriculum for elementary school children with autism. Product of nearly 50 years of cumulative experience with children with ASD

Results showed children engage Milo must faster than a human therapist or teacher. Express continued desire for more learning sessions with MiloRoboKind Today

Robokind Today

Robots4Autism is looking for demonstration sites to utilize Milo the autism robot as an intervention tool along with traditional autism therapy. These demonstration sites will help further refine the robot for use on a much broader scale.







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