Meet i-Robot : The First Soldier to Enter Terror Tunnels

I-robot is the first IDF soldier to enter discovered terrorist tunnels. This robot, developed by the Ammunition Corps, has the ability to go through almost every terrain and is equipped with video cameras, encrypted wireless communication as well as lighting apparels, so it can travel underground.

“We can adapt the I-robot to many operational needs,” explains Shai Hada, the public relations officer of the Ammunition Corps.

The I-robot can also be armed and can open fire if need be. “It’s this kind of robot that was used in the recent tunnel discoveries. It streamed live images back to the soldiers who were controlling it,” explains Hada, referring to the recent terror tunnels found on the Gaza border with Israel. Infantry soldiers transport the robot, in a bag, and then activate it in the field. “We receive feedback from the soldiers and adapt the robot to the needs,” adds Hada.

With a couple of hours of autonomy, this robot is largely used around the Gaza Strip region but can also be used in urban areas. It is essentially a robot extension of a tracker.

Video Here

Source:Jews News 574/2014

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