Custom Pallet Assembly

Building pallets is difficult and dangerous work. Robots have been used in manufacturing for many years. Why not use them to assemble pallets, increasing productivity, flexibility and profits.

Let the robots do the difficult jobs, allowing workers to do higher value and more interesting jobs.

Our Simple Nailer system can assemble a wide range of custom pallets ranging from 20” to 120”. It can be used for stringer, block and custom pallets.

Fast change-over (typically under 3-5 minutes) make shorter production runs profitable. Even runs as low as 5 pallets.


Pallet Dismantling for Repair

Our Robotic Dismantling system is designed to remove selected components, blocks, deck boards, etc, from block pallets. The operator selects the bad components and the robot does the rest. After the components are removed the pallet is ready for repair.

This system is designed for block style pallets. If you have questions about dismantling stringer pallets, please contact us.


General Material Handling

Moving and stacking pallets is very difficult work and can lead to injuries. Robots are ideal for lifting large loads and stacking materials. Let the robots do the heavy work.

Benefits of robotic automation include consistent quality, increased efficiency, reliable output and better working environment.

Quality and productivity over time

Quality (and productivity) can suffer late in the day. Fatigue and minor injuries impact quality and throughput.


Source: Motoman

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