Mission Critical: Agriculture Now Released

Robots are poised to be the next big technology to transform farming. A recent market study predicts that the current $817 million market will boom to $16.3 billion by 2020. Gain valuable information that will enable your company to prepare for this new field for robotics in the latest issue of Mission Critical magazine.

Click here to read the Mission Critical: Agriculture edition and see what kind of breakthroughs are coming to a farm near you.

Inside This Issue

Strong Growth Predicted for Ground Robots

Using robots in the fields could mean huge savings for farmers, who can use them to more precisely apply expensive nitrogen fertilizer and can have the systems operate autonomously for hours at a time. This feature talks about the promising future for ground robots on the farm, which stand to outpace even unmanned aircraft by some researchers’ measures.

Watching Grass Grow

Unmanned aircraft are poised to play a big role on the farm of the future. However, current regulations have mostly kept the systems grounded in the United States. This article examines possible ways forward and discusses what business models might work best when UAS are finally allowed to fly over fields of crops.

Bring Out Your Dead: Monitoring Chicken Houses

The Georgia Tech Research Institute tackles placing air and ground robots in chicken houses to clear out diseased birds while ensuring that the systems don’t cause any distress to the healthy hens in the coop.

Mission Critical: Agriculture Now Released

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