Technological Growth and Unemployment: A Global Scenario Analysis

Riccardo Campa Institute of Sociology. Jagiellonian University. Journal of Evolution and Technology – Vol. 24 Issue 1 – February 2014 – pgs 86-103


 The aim of this article is to explore the possible futures generated by the development of artificial intelligence.

Our focus will be on the social consequences of automation and robotisation, with special attention being paid to the problem of unemployment.

In spite of the fact that this investigation is mainly speculative in character, we will try to develop our analysis in a methodologically sound way. To start, we will make clear that the relation between technology and structural unemployment is still controversial.

Therefore, the hypothetical character of this relation must be fully recognized. Secondly, as proper scenario analysis requires, we will not limit ourselves to predict a unique future, but we will extrapolate from present data at least four different possible developments: 1) unplanned end of work scenario; 2) planned end of robots scenario; 3) unplanned end of robots scenario, and 4) planned end of work scenario. Finally, we will relate the possible developments not just to observed trends but also to social and industrial policies presently at work in our society which may change the course of these trends.

Read:Technological Growth and Unemployment: A Global Scenario Analysis

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