Jordan. KADDB introduces New Multi-Function Robot and Mini UGV

Company KADDB is showcasing the “Multi-Function Robot” at SOFEX 2014 for the first time.

The King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau showcases at SOFEX 2014 its new Multi-Function Robot. It is a wireless controlled robotic vehicle designed to carry out long-range missions, using its passive distance-measuring camera.

KADDB is also showcasing a mini UGV

As a 6×6 vehicle it is able to move in rough terrain and its 200 kg load capacity make it an ideal platform for a wide range of uses, such as EOD operations, logistics, battlefield recovery, ISR platform and so on. KADDB is presenting it in an antitank configuration, with a twin PRG-32, remote-controlled launcher integrated on it.

Technical Specifications:
· 6×6 wheel drive.
· Daylight-readable, anti-glare screen.
· Fully electrically-driven.
· Estimated speed of 12 km/hr on asphalt roads.
· Capable of passing over a 45 cm trench without any performance degradation.
· Capable of passing a 20 cm vertical step in both forward and reverse directions without any performance degradation.
· Two navigation cameras (front and rear)
· 2-way audio system
· Operational time of 2-3 hours
· Portable control unit in weatherproof casing.

Source: ArmyRecognition




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