Automated Blister Sealing System with Three FANUC Robots for Load/Unload — Clear Automation



Publicado el 09/05/2014

Cosmetics blister sealing:…

FANUC America Authorized Integrator Clear Automation specializes in flexible and fixed automation equipment from single work cells to complete production lines for assembly, inspection, labeling, laser marking, dispensing and packaging. The system seen here was excellently designed and built to blister seal cosmetics products at 120 parts per minute by utilizing highly reliable robotic automation from FANUC America to load raw parts and unload the finished products.

The system starts as a series of blisters are placed onto the cosmetics part containers eight-at-a-time. Sensors check for presence of the blisters. The cosmetics, which are rapidly carried into the system on a Flexlink conveyor, are picked four-at-a-time by the first of three FANUC LR Mate Series robots. The products are placed onto an indexing conveyor where they are moved to a second FANUC LR Mate robot. This efficient robot picks the products eight-at-a-time and places them into the recently blistered containers.

Further down this main conveyor, cards are placed onto the blisters. Again, sensors are used at this station to detect the presence of the cards. The cards are heat sealed to the blisters and the barcode of each card is quickly scanned and verified. A third, ceiling-mounted FANUC LR Mate robot picks all eight products with its vacuum grippers, and places them in front of individual sensors that detect for the product in each finished package. Empty packs are sent down a reject chute, while good products are placed on an exit conveyer out of the system. This completely automated system from FANUC America Authorized Integrator Clear Automation helped to drastically eliminate mistakes and increase throughput.

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