Bacterial Robotics. Small robots are just now emerging

We are an evolutionary engineering firm. We are “programming” micro-organisms using synthetic biology to produce microscopic robots. Our goal is to profitably solve very big problems.

We Are…

  • Developing genetically enhanced organisms to solve problems and develop products
  • An innovative team that seeks profitability
  • A collaborative, fun, equal opportunity, and safe environment creatively delivering promised and timely results
  • A Company that values and rewards extraordinary performance. We have high expectations for ethical conduct.


While the larger scale robotics industry is mature, very small robots are just now emerging.

By using synthetic biology we can mimic what happens via Natural Selection. This biomimicry approach allows us to clean water, reduce disease, grow foods, provide non-polluting fuels, produce therapeutics, and develop new materials. We believe that Natural Selection is the greatest prototyper of life science-based technologies. Instead of re-inventing, we seek the naturally occurring biotechnology prototypes already available.

Right now, everywhere, even inside you and on your skin, microbes are spontaneously mutating!


After we have developed a BactoBot, we place it in a go-to-market subsidiary. Our first subsidiary, Pilus Energy, acquired by Tauriga Sciences, Inc. in 2013, is focused on delivering its bacterial robot to clean industrial customer “wastes” by transforming them into value. This waste-to-value proposition provides customers with substantial revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities.

The BactoBots are protected from theft (cloning) and environmental release with a genetics rights management (GeRM™) system. If the consumable, non-polluting molecular keys are not present in the feedstock, the BactoBots self destruct starting with their DNA and RNA. As a result, the GeRM system is similar to the digital rights management (DRM) system found in the software and digital content industries.


We are a knowledge Company. Because of GeRM and through licensing, we can enable local economies and infrastructures to build and deploy BactoBots.

We can teach a local laboratory or manufacturer how to farm a licensed BactoBot. That manufacturer t

hen provides the BactoBot to their in-country licensed distributor.

We provide the in-country distributor with the consumable GeRM keys that activate the BactoBots.

As a result of our model, the licensee’s local education system is incentivized to prepare students for biology-based careers.

The legal system in the licensee’s country gets to provide intellectual property protections to its developers.

The economic system in the licensee’s country gains a new home-grown, jobs-generating industry.

In this way, the locally controlled synthetic biology industry does not rely upon the importing of synthetically developed BactoBots. As a result, the local economy can solve local problems like cleaning drinking water, improving public health and generating electricity.

A Transformative Technology

Due to recent developments in genomics, we can leverage knowledge to achieve products and solutions.

Source: Bacterial Robotics

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