BluHaptics are leading the effort to develop robots that can interact more seamlessly with human operators

We are the experts in telerobotics – remote operation of robots where the human operator is in control

We give operators the ability to intuitively control complex robotic systems. Our visual interface in combination with our patent-pending technology for force feedback gives the operator unprecedented control of critical remote operations. This means less focus on robotics and more focus on getting the job done.

Workspace Visualization™
We are reinventing robotic manipulation, consolidating the workspace and giving control back to the pilot. Increase efficiency, save time, and protect yourself from damage with BluHaptics software.



BluHaptics immerses the pilot into the work space. Our software provides a dynamic, real time, CAD-like view of the environment that can be rotated and manipulated.



Operators can plan their next moves in a virtual environment, eliminating potential roadblocks. Position the robotic arm on the monitor, then move it into place with the press of a button.



All sensor input is consolidated onto a single screen. An intuitive user interface allows for viewing of the workspace from multiple angles.

Source: BluHaptics

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