AUVSI UNMANNED SYSTEMS 2014: Robonic awarded ISO and AQAP quality certificates

Robonic has been awarded International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) and Allied Quality Assurance Publication (AQAP) quality certificates for its UAS launchers, the company announced on 6 May.

The new certificates, ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110, were granted to Robonic by Bureau Veritas, an auditor of quality management systems, and will pave the way for the Finnish manufacturer of UAS launchers to participate in future defence contracts.

Juha Moisio, MD of Robonic, said the company has had a quality system in place since 2010, but said the new certifications served to validate its processes.

‘To customers or tender requesters alike, quality certificates show that an organisation carries out its business methodically, and in accordance with agreed procedures,’ said Moisio.

The AQAP 2110 certification is compliant to NATO standards, and contains requirements which need to be met for defence procurements.

An organisation can receive an AQAP 2110 certificate provided it already possesses a valid ISO 9001 certificate, whose requirements are expanded and further specified by AQAP 2110.

The AQAP 2110 ensures an organisation’s manufacturing procedures and documentation guarantee the error-free operation of defence equipment and systems. In addition, the certification makes it possible to trace the entire chain of manufacturing of items of equipment.

Robonic’s Ohto and Kontio launchers are compatible with both slow UAVs and high-speed aerial targets, and are currently in use with 10 militaries world-wide.

According to the company, the fastest vehicle launched to date is the Composite Engineering Inc (CEI) Firejet, with a launch speed of 250 km/h, while the 500-kg class Falco, manufactured Selex, is the heaviest system.

Robonic Kontio launchers are used by the French Army for the operations of Sperwer Mk II tactical UAVs systems, produced by Sagem.


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