Robots Might Be Filling Your Prescription

KETTERING — Robots might be filling your prescriptions at your pharmacy as well.

We wanted to find out how often someone is affected by being given the wrong prescription drugs.

According to the FDA, at least one person dies everyday because they’ve been given the wrong medication.

And 1-point-3 million people every year are injured from it.

We spoke to one local pharmacist who takes his patients’ safety personally.

“I trust the pharmacist,” said Jim Walker.

A trust of the person who controls what prescription is being put into the bottle.

And eventually, into you, but did you know most large pharmacy chains use robots.

“The robot will act as the pharmacy and technician in terms of filling, and counting and checking,” said Dr. Kindy Ghussin, Owner, Heartland Pharmacy.

Dr. Ghussin owns Heartland Pharmacy in the heart of Kettering and has worked with robots in the past.

“It is efficient in the fact that it does help out,” said Dr. Ghussin, “I’m not going to just bash robots for no reason. It does help out in terms of counting and filling fast but it’s a nightmare in maintaining it and preventing it from erring.”

While the robots are widely used, some local pharmacists believe it takes human eyes and hand to make sure it’s right.

“The error could be that the technician that filled the robot filled it with the wrong medication and if the pharmacist didn’t catch that it’s a disaster, why because it’s not just one script that’s being filled it’s a whole batch of script,” Dr. Ghussin.

In fact, it was 7-thousand refills from Kittyhawk Satellite Pharmacy on Wright Patterson Air Force Base that could be affected.

“That’s a humongous number as a matter of fact that’s the largest fill per week that ever passed by me,” said Dr. Ghussin.

Dr. Ghussin has been a pharmacist for 13 years, and claims in that time hasn’t made a prescription mistake.

“I tell all the technicians to double count and I do all double checking to make sure the right person is getting the right medication,” said Dr. Ghussin.

Dr. Ghussin says if you have any doubts about the pills inside your bottle, to look at the bottom of the prescription label there’s a description of the pill that should be inside.

Source: ABC 22

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