How the Ekso Bionic Suit Works

(Bloomberg) — Nathan Harding, co-founder and CEO of Ekso Bionics, discusses the company’s wearable bionic suit that helps people with paralysis learn how to be mobile and even walk again. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Ekso and i’m seeing the real thing. 

I have to begin by putting it to you, this is like the beyondionic world come to life, isn’t it? 

We think it is. 

We think we are at the forefront. 

It’s starting with things like this. 

You will see people running faster, jumping higher. 

Described the ekso suit to somebody who does not know about this kind of stuff. 

This is called the human exoskeleton. 

It is essentially a wearable robot. 

We are all about augmenting strength and endurance. 

To do that you have to wrap the machine around the person. 

This particular wearable robot is for rehabilitation. 

It replaces the strength of your hips and knees with these two motors for your hips and these two motors for the knees. 

It is set up so that i can be rapidly adjustments with quick adjustments here and here. 

The batteries can be change very fast. 

I can get from one patient to another in a short time. 

What is the next up for ekso? 

What would you like to accomplish in the next 12 months? 

When we set our goals and 2014, we wanted to make a couple of big hires in sales and marketing.

We have done that. 

We wanted to get a couple of big contracts into the ekso labs group that does research to pay for the human exoskeleton, and we got the talos program now from special operations. 

That is the first contractor in the world to get a contract from that program. 

It’s fantastic. 

We have one more to do on that one. 

We also want to get another licensing partner. 

We have a great one with lockheed martin right now, and we want another big name. 

And then we want to get 10

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