Automated Wrap Labeling System & Blister Load/Unload with FANUC LR Mate Robot

Publicado el 02/05/2014

Cosmetics Load/Unload:…

FANUC America Authorized Integrator Clear Automation specializes in flexible and fixed automation equipment from single work cells to complete production lines for assembly, inspection, labeling, laser marking dispensing and packaging. The system seen here was designed and built to load and unload cosmetics products at 40 parts per minute, but can be modified for up to 100 parts per minute.

The system starts with the first FANUC LR Mate robot picking and orienting unlabeled parts. Label is then wrapped around the parts. This wrap mechanism was specially designed to operate with a Herma labeler. A second Herma labeler places a label on the end of the part. Each label is first checked before being placed onto the cosmetics and a second camera inspects and verifies the label after placement. If a part fails it is sent to a reject bin. Good, finished parts are conveyed on a Flexlink conveyor that connects the labeling machine to the packaging machine.

Once the parts reach the packaging machine, a second FANUC LR Mate robot loads parts two-at-a-time. The cosmetics are blister packed by an Alloyd rotary blister pack machine, then unloaded by a third, top-mounted FANUC LR Mate robot, four parts at-a-time. The cards are checked for presence of the product. If a product is bad, it is released down a reject chute and out of the system. Good parts are placed on an exit conveyor.

Source: FANUC America Corporation·


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