Robot Savior Aerial. Marine robots will save drowning

There is already a lot of robotic quadrocopter that can be used for various purposes. For example, for a variety of visual effects that robots can make right in the night sky. Or, alternatively, for a more serious purpose – to track criminals. But the new development offers a different, more practical vision for the future of robots – robots will save drowning.

Robot Savior Aerial – a concept the marine robotic quadrocopter created just for rescue purposes. The robot will be equipped with 3 lifebuoys,that he will drop a drowning. A robot will have a thermal sensor to detect people who got into trouble during a night patrol. Each robot will be equipped with GPS, and will work from solar panels, charged at solar stations located on a special ship,which will be located nearby. 

The developers say that the robot is in the making, but as long as there is no exact date when it will be released. In any case, these robots can be not redundant. The main, they must have time to time to the affected. Well, and still, that tight circle, falling from above, not ranked poor guy to the head.


Source. Itechfuture

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