Robot Balloon Sculptures

This balloon masterpiece definitely exceeds all balloon animals or balloon sculptures that Bozo the Clown could ever come up with. ‘Poptimus Prime,’ created by John Reid of Epic Balloons, is a ginormous balloon sculpture that emulates the “real-life-sized” iconic robot Optimus Prime from the Transformers franchise.

Transformers are usually made out of intricate robotic wiring and metal parts, but this robot-inspired sculpture is made entirely of balloons! John set it up to be on display for the Salt Lake City Comic Con that recently passed. The Autobot leader immediately went viral when fans posted pictures of it on the web, and it has since been dubbed the world’s largest balloon sculpture by a single person — certificate and all.

The whole thing is over 50 ft tall and was created with around 4,302 appropriately colored balloons.

Source: Trend Hunter


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