Catherine Mohr on the future of surgical robots


Publicado el 02/05/2014

Robots have for years been in operating theatres, and although they’ve not quite ready to replace a human surgeon, Catherine Mohr’s work means they can help doctors reach ever-more intricate parts of the human body.

Previously an engineer, Mohr switched her attention to medicine and, after inventing the LapCap — a device to make laproscopic surgeries safer — began exploring the field of robotic surgery. Through her role as design leader on the DaVinci Surgical Robotic system, she has worked to create both robots and robot-assisted equipment capable of less invasive and traumatic surgeries, and is developing simulation-based teaching methods for doctors and surgeons at Stanford’s School of Medicine.

WIRED Health is a one-day summit designed to introduce, explain and predict the coming trends facing the medical and personal healthcare industries. This ambitious inaugural event was held on Tuesday April 29, at the new home of the Royal College of General Practitioners, 30 Euston Square, London.

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