3D Printed T8 Octopod. Terrifyingly realistic

The T8 Octopod was made black and fearful not only by its 3D-printed realistic-looking skin but by the virtually realistic movements that mimic living spiders. Spiders and robots are feared by all and it looks more menacing and terrifying by combining both, and adding some creepy realistic movements. The form-fitting skeleton of the spiderbot was designed using the CAD software and it was manufactured with the help of a 3D printer.


The spiderbot is capable of varying range of motions which makes it realistic. The spider bot is a production of Robugtix. It’s almost spider like gait is equipped with 26 servo motors. The 2.2 lbs. robot has a wireless control and an RF based remote control allowing the user to control the T8 octopods activities. The T8 octopod was a bio-inspired robot with high resolution 3D printed parts. Each leg of the spider bot is fitted with 3 servo motors and the abdomen contains 2 servo motors. Besides walking and turning, the robot is fully capable of robotic dance.


According to Robugtix, the Bigfoot’s inverse kinematics engine played a major role in conceiving T8 Octopod. The inverse kinematics engine uses math calculations as a way to figure out its movement in real time. Inverse kinematics engine allows the robot to handle all the complex computations in the background so that the user can focus on controlling the movement of the robot. The user mainly sends short and simple commands through wireless XBee or through any other method that the user can hook up it to its Rx/Tx.

There are a few things to be kept in mind if you are planning on buying this T8 robo-arachnid. The T8 octopod is battery powered but the battery is not included in the kit. You have to buy it separately. The robot is delivered as a kit. The kit includes the 3D printed parts, the motors, a micro-controller brain and other mechanics. All these have to be assembled. The robot was priced at $1,350. The XBee controller and communication module are not included in the kit and they are sold separately at a price of $85. The Robutix’s T8 octopod/robot was released late September last year. 

Source: Docsity

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