Webcast. Robotics in Oil, Gas & Mining

From Rio Tinto’s “Mine of the Future” to the estimated $2.3 trillion in sub-sea mineral wealth beneath Japan’s territorial waters to UAVs exploring for oil in the Canadian “Oil Patch” to robotic space missions to mine asteroids to deep-sea oil well safety and decommissioning, robotics is building for itself a new and potentially unequaled industry to pioneer: Robotics in Oil, Gas & Mining.

With land-based mineral deposits beginning to run out and the cost of precious-metals extraction on the rise, large mining companies—and even nation states—are racing to the bottom of the sea…outer space…and challenging environments seeming everywhere in an attempt to exploit the in calculable mineral resources of the world’s oceans, land masses, and off-world space explorations

The need for robotic systems for autonomous drilling, automated sampling, in-site analysis, geo-technical characterization and remote access; to providing reliable, efficient methods to boost performance, including automating dangerous tasks, gathering data, and improving operations, has robots on land, as UAVs airborne anywhere, sub-sea ROVs in the deepest ocean environments, and near-Earth robot space vehicles and landers, as the new tool set for mining, and oil exploration and drilling.

This webcast will offer an industry update on high-performance robot technologies for mining, oil and gas exploration and production, including:

  • Intelligent excavation systems
  • Autonomous drills and sampling systems
  • Embedded sensors and instruments
  • Data collection devices
  • Down-hole systems
  • Remote access platforms

Webcast. Robotics in Oil, Gas & Mining

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