Welding a Go-Kart Frame with FANUC’s ARC Mate 120iC Arc Welding Robot




Publicado el 25/04/2014

Go-Kart Arc Welding: http://www.fanucamerica.com/Products/…

The largest member in FANUC America’s family of Arc Welding robots, the FANUC ARC Mate 120iC offers the largest motion area of any arc welding robot in its class, and a solid payload of 20 kilograms, all while maintaining a conveniently compact size and high speed. This robot features a slim arm with internally routed cables, and a compact base that is beneficial in accommodating multi-robot systems.

In this video a FANUC ARC Mate 120iC demonstrates dynamic welding of a go-kart frame. A variety of robotic arc welding advancements from FANUC America are used in this demonstration. After finishing a weld cycle, the robot moves to a tip reamer where the welding tip is cleaned off. The robot then places the weld tip into FANUC’s iRVision TorchMate weld tip inspection station. Once the weld tip is verified, the automated weld process for the go-kart frame begins. The robot and a two-axis positioner to which the go-kart frame is attached use coordinated motion to trace the weld path with excellent precision.

The iRVision TorchMate weld tip inspection feature works with a variety of welding processes, and is designed to reduce bad welds by monitoring bent torches and tip wear. It features an easy menu setup with results displayed on the teach pendant to perform integrated diagnostics. The inspection component is pre-packaged with easy connection and setup that requires no engineering. Once the frame is fully welded, the robot moves to the tip reamer, iRVision TorchMate for weld tip inspection, and the cycle repeats.

Advancements in robotic arc welding technology, along with FANUC America’s focus on continuous improvement, have helped FANUC continue to provide manufacturers with world leading robotic welding automation. To learn more please visithttp://www.fanucamerica.com.

Source: FANUC America Corporation

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