Unmanned Vehicle University. UAV Pilot Training Certification



Anyone can enroll, no experience is necessary — a background in math and science is encouraged. Certifications are taught by PhD’s, Real life Top Guns, UAV Engineers and experts with over 500 years and 60,000 hours of combined experience.

Five reasons why Unmanned Vehicle University can help you take a step towards a rewarding, flexible career as an expert in drone and unmanned vehicle technologies …
  • Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU) is focused on exactly what you need to excel as an employee or a business owner. Unmanned Vehicle University students tell us the difference between Unmanned Vehicle University and others is HUGE!
  • Most of the faculty at UVU have PhDs in engineering and combined experience of over 500 years. The UAV instructor pilots have combined experience of over 60,000 hours in Predator, Reaper, Global Hawk, Hermes, Heron, Aerostar and many small UAVs.
  • You’ll obtain the training to manage the unmanned systems of the future (like the X-47 UCAS). Unmanned Aircraft systems engineers are critical to the positions of technical management and development of complex unmanned aircraft systems.
  • Affordable Tuition
  • Online distance education let’s you gain your education anywhere, anytime

Unmanned Vehicle University 




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