Cooperation has managed to redefine the robot plans

A robot cooperation between DTI and Development Fyn called ROBI ( ” Robotic Business ” ) has created interest in automation among Funen companies show an evaluation of the results.

New business opportunities have emerged , and specific steps for automation, production optimization and implementation of new robotic technology is up and running with a large number of enterprises in Funen .

ROBI project was started as a concrete offer to those in need of help to get ideas and business opportunities in the field of robotics and welfare technology and has achieved over the past year had contact with almost 200 enterprises in Funen .

  • Our goal is to get the ideas out of the drawer with the companies that see the possibilities in robotics and automation , and not least to plant some commercial seed , said Kim Andersen, innovation consultant at the Danish Technological Institute’s Centre for Robotics in a statement.

  • With Fyn powerhouse we could provide global leadership in selected areas of robotics and welfare technology and many companies will want to start automating , but often it stays put because they simply do not know how to get started. We have helped them along with Development Fyn, Kim Andersen.

ROBI cooperation has also resulted in the Lillebaelt Academy Autumn 2014, decided to offer the program as Automation Engineering in Odense.

Source: Fyens

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