Byeong Sam Jeon. Telematic Culture, Trans-Human/Cyborg Theories, Bio-Robotic Arts

Byeong Sam Jeon is an internationally recognized electronic artist, curator, and interdisciplinary scholar whose interests include Telematic Culture, Trans-Human/Cyborg Theories, Bio-Robotic Arts, Computational Assistive Technology, Active Cyber-Hippie Movement, Development of Interdisciplinary Educational Programs, Social Interaction Design, and various Minority Issues.  His work explores how interdisciplinary research creatively influences our society in positive ways and makes the world more harmonious.  One of his well known projects, Telematic Drum Circle has gathered more than 260,000 Internet users and offline participants from 59 countries to promote global harmony across the world since it was released in September 2007.

 For a decade, Jeon has presented his work worldwide mainly including: SIGGRAPH (USA), ISIMD (Turkey), AsiaGraph (China), ArtBots (Ireland), Salon (Cuba), O’Reilly E-Tech Conf. (USA), TMCA (Korea), Beall Center for Art and Technology (USA), National Theater of Korea (Korea), Calit2 (USA), Siggraph ASIA (Singapore), and many more.  Byeong Sam Jeon currently works as the representative director of The Korea Interdisciplinary Arts Network (KoIAN) in Seoul, Korea.






– Byeong Sam Jeon (전병삼) :
– KoIAN (코이안) :


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