First Modular Humanoid Robot: Thor-Mang


World’s First Modular Humanoid Robot: Thor-Mang – DARPA Robotics Challenge Participant, JK Han (PhD). When the Fukushima nuclear disaster struck in 2011, remote-controlled robots were quickly sent in to inspect and clean the power plants. But they proved ineffective. Eventually, technicians risked their lives and went in themselves.

Will robots ever be able to stand in for real people? The Fukushima disaster prompted the US Department of Defense to establish a competition through DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The DARPA Robotics Challenge invites competitors to develop robots that can help in disaster-relief operations. Robotics experts from around the world, including Japan, the US, Germany, and Korea are all trying to develop the robot than will save humanity.

Dr. JK Han and his team came in 9th at the 2013 preliminaries. Dr. Han is the creator of the humanoid robot ‘Thor Mang.’ Roboticist Dr. JK Han dreams of a different kind of world. He takes us inside the world of humanoid robots.







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