North Korean UAV is Chinese-made SKY-09P

The mini drones operated by North Korea over South Korea are the SKY 09 made in China by the Taiyuan Navigation Technology company. The models operated by North Korea was equipped with a muffler, to reduce the drone’s acoustic signature. Photo: Taiyuan

One of the North Korean UAV that crashed in South Korea has been identified as coming from China.

The SKY-09P is manufactured by Taiyuan Navigation Friend Aviation Technology Co. Ltd.

This company was formed in July 2003 and is based in Taiyuan city, Shanxi province.

According to the company’s datasheet, the UAV has a speed of 80-100km/h and a range of less than 40km. It can carry a payload of 3kg and is recovered by parachute.

Source: Alert 5

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