How it Works. Liquid Robotics. Wave Glider SV3

The Wave Glider SV3 leverages the design principle of the highly successful Wave Glider SV2 platform, while adding a hybrid power and propulsion system that uses both wave-powered and stored solar energy to navigate challenging ocean conditions (doldrums, high currents, and hurricanes/cyclones) in which it was previously too challenging or costly to operate.

The Wave Glider SV3’s auxiliary vectored thruster is used for extra speed to address difficult ocean conditions, or to quickly accommodate changes in mission operations.

The Wave Glider SV3 is the world’s first hybrid wave and solar propelled unmanned ocean robot. The SV3 incorporates the latest advancements in energy harvesting technology and its innovative propulsion and energy systems help customers explore portions of the world’s oceans in which it was previously too challenging or costly to operate.

The SV3 features technologies such as real-time onboard processing of large data sets, a flexible power and storage system designed for “power hungry” sensors, and an adaptable operating system designed for intelligent autonomy to enable coordinated fleet operations.

Operating individually or in fleets, the Wave Glider SV3 enables 24/7/365, all-weather operations at a daily cost of up to 90 percent less than today’s data collection alternatives, while complementing and improving the efficiency of ships, buoys, satellites and aircraft.

Source: LiquidR


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