Chinese Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA) joined IFR Industry Association

We are very glad to welcome our new IFR Industry Association member Chinese Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA), who just joined the International Federation of Robotics. In 2013, the alliance was initiated by the China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF) as a non-profit organization. Since 2012, China has been the biggest market for industrial robots. The annual sales represent about 20% of the global market.

CRIA is composed voluntarily by enterprises, manufactures, universities, research institutes, regional or local robotic associations, related organizations as well as government-sponsored organizations in the fields of R&D, manufacturing, application and services of the robot industry in China with about 100 members so far. The Secretariat of CRIA is located at CMIF where is also the location of the CRIA’s headquarter.

CRIA’s aim is by following the nation’s industry policies and the market demands to set up a cooperation platform for the industry, colleges and universities, research institutes and users in order to strength the members’ abilities in R&D, manufacturing, integration, application and customers services, to extend the application of the robots in various fields and to improve the robot industry chain in China. So as, to promote the health development and strength the competitiveness of the domestic robot industry.

CRIA’s major mission is to implement the state industrial policies and measures, to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation regarding technology, market and intellectual property rights among members and international cooperation, to push forward the collaboration among the industry, colleges and universities, research institutes and users, to carry out self discipline of the robot industry and avoid redundant projects, to provide a platform for information exchange, application promotion, education and training; to organize exhibitions and conferences, in order to facility the efficient use of resources, accelerate the cooperation between the robots and other industries and popularize the application of the robot technology and products.

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