New Socibot v1.2

With many of the interactive features found on RoboThespian, SociBot is a great choice if your robot budget is limited, or you don’t have the space for a full-sized humanoid. A desktop model, SociBot-Mini, is also available – perfect for research, or experimenting with at home.

Socibot uses projective head technology, which we have now combined with a sophisticated mesh mapping algorithm, meaning your robot can have any face you desire – even your own. Expressions and features are easy to modify and control. With voice recognition, facial tracking, lip-syncing, and speech synthesis in more than twenty languages, anyone can converse freely with our chattiest robot!

Publicado el 11/07/2012

Sprechender Roboter – Messe Cebit Hannover singt: Singing in the rain, kann auch böse schauen, prima präsentieren durch Gestik und Sprache – Top!

Leider ist die Tonaufnahme nicht durchgängig perfekt – sorry.

Ort: Computer Cebit Messe Hannover, 6. – 10. März 2012
Kamera: Iphone 3GS
Thema: Roboter präsentiert über Sprache und Gestik
Modell: Socibot – kleiner Roboter- Bruder von Robothespian




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