A robotic welcome for Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam, observing Wall-E, a telepresence robot.

A surprise awaited the former President of India A.P.J. Abdul Kalam when he visited SMV Institute of Technology and Management at Bantakal on Wednesday.

Dr. Kalam was welcomed by “Wall-E” a tele-presence robot at the institute. The former president was immediately fascinated by it and asked about its functioning.

When the students started operating it, it was a plain amusement! He started interacting with the robot and made it work by giving all kinds of commands such as 360 degree rotation and other navigations.

When the robot started working accordingly, he wanted to know the students behind its successful operation. He congratulated the whole team of students called “The Flying Robodrones” and lauded their efforts in designing and building the robot.

This specially designed robot allows a person to feel as if he was present, to give the appearance of being present or to have an effect at a place other than his true location. The user can navigate the robot from any corner.

“The robot promises to be a low cost one making it economically attractive. The goal is to give a new mode of learning and communicating which hopefully will be implemented in the field of technical education”, said team leader Vignesh Pai.

The student team includes Vignesh Pai, Nikhil Acharya, Rao Prabhakar, Bilal Asadi, Pritam Shetty, Rayan Christ D’Souza and others, the release added.

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