Robotic Waterjet Trimming with FANUC Learning Vibration Control

Publicado el 09/04/2014


This video demonstrates a robotic waterjet trimming system from KMT Robotic Solutions, integrating two FANUC M-20iA robots to complete a waterjet cutting process. This system is unique in that it incorporates the added benefit of FANUC’s Learning Vibration Control software, or LVC. This first demonstration displays the waterjet cutting program running without FANUC LVC. FANUC LVC technology is an easily equipped solution that only requires the temporary mounting of an accelerometer to a FANUC robot. Now the program is run after the robot has been equipped with LVC. To equip LVC the robot’s program is cycled multiple times while the accelerometer records unique path characteristics, ultimately leading to a drastic reduction in robot cycle time by “learning” the robot’s taught path without having to change the programmed path.

To demonstrate the speed improvements made after implementing LVC, these transparent robot arms depict two separate cycles of the same program. Each cycle was filmed and the footage was layered, again, to illustrate the benefit of a system equipped with FANUC LVC. Watch as the LVC cycle jumps ahead of the standard, non-LVC cycle.

The robotic waterjet cutting cycle time was reduced by 9.35 seconds, resulting in up to 11 additional parts per hour, 264 additional parts per day.

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Source: FANUC America Corporation·

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