Easy-to-use Robotic Pick & Place Packing Station: Combi Ergobot® – Courtesy of MCRI

Publicado el 04/04/2014

MCRI Ergobot® – http://www.motioncontrolsrobotics.com…

FANUC Authorized Integrator Motion Controls Robotics in partnership with Combi Packaging Systems offers this extremely intuitive and easy-to-use robotic pick and place packing system. This unique system fully automates case packing operations that may require verifying lot or serialization numbers or varying pack counts, creating retail-ready packages and automating tasks that are difficult or unsafe for humans. An intuitive user interface makes the Ergobot system easy to start up, shutdown, apply product changeover, and allows “Single TouchTM” robot cycle recovery.

The proven Ergobot system may use FANUC’s new and improved long-arm LR Mate 200iD/7L robot, M10iB or M20iB robot depending on product being packed. These intelligent robots from FANUC provide maximum flexibility and throughput, and can be used when hand packing is unavailable or impractical. The Combi Ergobot is available as a new system and is fully upgradeable for companies with an existing manual Ergopack machine.

The robot cell offers adjustable tooling and integrated robotic vision that can accommodate a variety of product sizes and package configurations by adapting to multiple pick positions. The Ergobot can incorporate multiple end of arm tools with manual or automatic tool change. Single, or multiple robot configurations are available to suit required case packing rates. Automatic case erection and case sealing are standard features.

To learn more about automating the Ergobot automated case packer, or about automating your existing Combi Ergopack Station with the a FANUC robot, please visithttp://www.motioncontrolsrobotics.com…

Source: FANUC America Corporation

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