New Motoman robots at Schweißen & Schneiden – Slim and fast

January 2014. At the Schweißen & Schneiden trade fair Yaskawa presented new 6-axis robots for arc welding, handling, laser welding, cutting and surfacing: the Motoman MA1440, MH12 and MC2000.

With these new developments Yaskawa is effectively reacting to the continued pressure for efficiency in the automotive and related industries. The robots work with a high level of precision and an exceptionally high number of cycles. Because they have a smaller footprint, they can be positioned closer together on the production line.

Handling with the Motoman MH12

The new Motoman MH12 handling robot unveiled in Essen is the fastest model in its class. The innovation is designed for a 12 kg lifting capacity – twice that of its predecessor. With the hollow wrist Yaskawa has greatly facilitated media feed to the gripper. Interference contours from externally routed media cables are thus a thing of the past. The mechanical load of the cabling is also significantly reduced. The Motoman MH12 nevertheless offers the servo float function and is thus ideally suited to use on injection moulding machines. The slim design results in a small footprint and permits a high robot density.

Arc welding with the Motoman MA1440

Due to the Motoman MA1440 newly conceived arm design, the six-axis robot is particularly space saving in operation and extremely fast, with a high lifting capacity. In fact, the latter has doubled to 6 kg compared to previous models. This enables the basic MA1440 model to be equipped with powerful welding torches that could hitherto only be used with larger robots. The application-specific uses, in particular in the automotive and automotive supply industries, are correspondingly diverse.

The total speed of all six axes of the MA1440 is higher than before. In particular, movement in the secondary process time was greatly accelerated. This results in significantly longer cycle times.

Due to its completely newly conceived robot arm, the Motoman welding robot is predestined for use in industries with a high pressure for efficiency. It requires significantly less space than conventional kinematics for comparable tasks. The robot can thus be placed closer to the workpiece or even behind it. Furthermore, the diameter of the hollow wrist axis has been increased by almost 20 per cent, offering even more freedom for the welding packages.

Laser welding, cutting and surfacing with the Motoman MC2000

The Motoman MC2000, a robot specially designed for tasks that require a high degree of precision, made also its debut at Schweißen & Schneiden. Thanks to precise drives and special gear box it achieves a high level of stability with ultra-precise positioning and path accuracy. These properties are particularly appreciated in laser applications – whether it is laser cutting, welding or surfacing.

Laser remote welding is an application that is currently experiencing increasing demand. With its lifting capacity of 50 kg the new MC2000 enables large laser heads in different to paths hover precisely over the workpiece. ‘On the fly’ programming of Trumpf and Highyag laser heads can be carried out not only with external PC software, but directly online via the hand-held programmer of the DX100 robot controller. The laser head and robot run simultaneously, combining their speed and creating the cutting contour together. What makes it so special is that tight circles and curves, as well as broad paths can be run without a break. The result is always accurate. The robot not only positions the laser head, but runs its path synchronously to the laser head over the workpiece.

Multi-robot technology in the controller permits the synchronous operation of up to eight robots or 72 axes. Fast motion sequences with the Motoman MC2000 and high path accuracy reduce cycle times and substantially increase the quality and output of components.

Source: IFR

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