ABB helps Volvo Cars create a greener vehicle interior

ABB, the world’s leading supplier of power and automation technologies, has provided an integrated application solution featuring spraying, gluing and wiping for Volvo Car Group’s new production base in Chengdu, China; becoming the first robot supplier to provide a water-soluble adhesive system solution in the Chinese market.

The water-soluble adhesive is a water-based liquid noise reduction material that is environmentally friendly. Volvo uses ABB robots to spray the water-based adhesive on to the body and chassis inside the car. After solidification, this seal reduces noise and vibrations in the operation of the whole car, creating a quiet and comfortable driving environment for owners. The seal also greatly reduces the amount of volatile and organic compounds needed during manufacturing, thereby minimizing environmental pollution and damage to human health by improving the air quality in the car.

Li Gang, Head of ABB China’s robotics business unit, says, “We are very pleased our advanced robotic products and solutions can help Volvo increase its productivity, promote the use of environmentally friendly materials in the Chinese automotive industry and also meet consumer demand for safe and environmentally friendly car interiors.”

Over a period of six months, the ABB China robotics team created for Volvo the first all-automatic water-based, soundproofing gluing workstation. As the water-based sealant is highly abrasive and sensitive to temperature and pressure, it needs abrasion resistant piping materials, reasonable piping layout, and strict temperature control throughout the gluing process, which makes the process rather complicated. The thin-arm robots ABB provides have a large work range, good flexibility and extensibility. They can also work with the automatic duster system and IRB 5400 painting robots, and meet the strict requirements of the Volvo production line. In total, ABB has provided 33 different robots for the project.

In December 2012, the first process validated car produced by Volvo Cars using ABB Robotics solutions rolled off the assembly line.

On December 13, 2013, the Volvo S60L, manufactured using ABB robotic solutions, was officially launched in the Chinese market.

Source: IFR

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