Gaza: The Hamas Terror Group’s Quadcopters

The Hamas in Gaza has purchased an unknown number of quadcopters and is using them to gather intelligence on Israeli operations across the border line

Israeli sources say that the quadrcopters are from the type available on the civil market and were probably smuggled into Gaza through the tunnels.

Quadcopters, also known as quadrotors, are very small unmanned aerial platforms lifted and propelled by four rotors powered by batteries. Some small-scale quadcopters have frames that enclose the rotors, permitting flights through more challenging environments, with lower risk of damaging the vehicle or its surroundings.

Some of the relatively larger quadcopters are capable of carrying a basic camera.

Israeli experts told i-HLS that it can be assumed that the small unmanned craft do not have a data link to send images to the ground “it is a very basic way of getting some kinds of imagery of areas but the fact that these have been brought into Gaza show the direction in which this terro rorganization goes”

Source:  I-HLS. Posted by 

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