Massive Open Robotic Courses. MORC

Publicado el 31/03/2014

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) are about to deeply change the education world and the way knowledge is shared. Going further beyond the classic online courses, MOOC emphasise the interaction between the students and the course itself.
All major Universities across the world are embedding this trend by progressively broadcasting their courses through the MOOC.
Paris-Sorbonne, the most famous French university, in collaboration with the Master of Innovation and Management of Technologies (IMT), are taking it a step further : by melting robotic and teaching, the students will now be able to full advantage of all their educational opportunities whilst still living a student life.

Sorbonne University with the IMT Master are presenting you the MORC, Massive Online Robotic Courses, coming to your University this fall, thanks to remote controlled small robots, created by Parrot, available for IMT students.

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Music by Alain Massol
Voix off by Ann Christine
Thanks to Sorbonne students


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