Jeff Darwin Rides the Bicycle

jeff darwin

Jeff Darwin

Publicado el 27/03/2014

The University of Manitoba’s 2014 entry in the ICRA DARwIn-OP Humanoid Application Challenge, featuring Jeff on the bicycle.

Following on our last two presentations (see below for links) we continue to look at novel applications for humanoid balancing. This year we are looking at the problem of riding a bicycle.

The robot uses inverse kinematics to calculate the positions of its arms and legs to allow it to pedal and steer. Because the hands must remain on the handlebar and the feet are in constant motion we have very minimal degrees of freedom available for balancing.

Recorded at the University of Manitoba’s Autonomous Agents Laboratory, March 2014.

Music: “Ioma” by Moby, courtesy of MobyGratis

Source: Chris I-B

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