Tess and Lexy. Robotic Strippers

Publicado el 10/03/2014

German developer Tobit Software brought along its programmable pole dancing robots to liven up its booth at the CeBIT trade fair in Hanover on Monday.

Designed by British artist, Giles Walker, the robot dancers can be controlled with a smartphone app that allows users to change their position and the colour of their internal lighting

Source: RuptlyTV

Some robots can do surgery, some can help fix a car and some can even pole dance. Yeah, pole-dancing robots. That’s a thing now.

German company Tobit.Software has created a pair of robotic strippers, named Tess and Lexy, and is currently showing them off at the CEBIT expo in Hanover, Germany. As the video (above) shows, Lexy and Tess don’t do much other than grind their hips on a pole, but that’s pretty good for a robot. (Even if they do creep us out somethin’ fierce.) They also sport bright LED arrays instead of faces.

Joining them onstage is their robotic DJ counterpart, who plays beats through a megaphone positioned where his head should be.

According to CNET, British artist Giles Walker designed the girls. They use the same 12V motors that power car windshield wipers, and they can be controlled via a PC or Android smartphone.

These uniquely talented ‘bots have reportedly been displayed at various functions for the company for some time now.

“We changed them a little bit to make them more interesting,” a spokesperson for Tobit.Software told RuptlyTV at CEBIT. “We changed them to get more color, we changed them to get bigger breast. All that guys need to have to play with.”

According to the BBC, those interested in throwing their dollar bills at a robot can get their very own Lexy or Tess for $39,500. This price does not include an estimate for a long therapy session, so you might want to budget for that, too.

Source: Huffingtonpost


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