Robotic Case Palletizing and Stretch Wrapper System – Courtesy of Kaufman Engineered Systems

FANUC Authorized Integrator Kaufman Engineered Systems apply FANUC robot technology to provide customers complete end of line system solutions, including automated systems for robotic palletizing and depalletizing, stretch wrapping, material handling and case packing.

The system seen here is Kaufman Engineered Systems’ dual tote and case palletizer. This system features two FANUC robots, a single position transfer car, a simultaneous two-pallet type dispenser and a turntable stretch wrapper. A FANUC M-410iB/700 Robot seen on the right palletizes 1,100-pound totes with a custom designed spatula end-of-arm tool. However this isn’t the only type of tool this robot can use for picking boxes of product. Through the use of an ATI tool changer, the same robot can switch its end-of-arm tooling to a vacuum gripper when necessary.

A second FANUC robot, seen on the left, is also utilized in this system – The FANUC M-410iB/160 Robot. This extremely versatile palletizing robot displays its flexibility by picking and palletizing cases from two separate conveyor lines with its custom-designed vacuum end-of-arm tooling. Once a pallet is finished, it is conveyed out of the system to Kaufman’s automated stretch wrapper.

With Wonderware HMI interface controls and Kaufman-built conveyors, controls, stretch wrapper and integrated labeling, this system is able to palletize and stretch wrap 10 different SKUs in up to 25 loads per hour from 2 different lines. To learn more about FANUC Authorized Integrator Kaufman Engineered Systems please visit their website at

Source: FANUC America Corporation

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