Quadcopter. Ideaforge. NETRA

NETRA, a collaborative development between Ideaforge Technology Pvt. Ltd., India and India’s defense research agency- DRDO, is a completely autonomous hovering Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ideal for short range missions and requires very short training time. Its intuitive point and click graphical user interface requires minimal user assistance allowing the user to concentrate on the mission objective rather than the flying of the vehicle. Its quick deployment time and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) ability expand its usage to confined areas of operation. It finds application in Anti-terrorist operations, Counter-insurgency in forested areas, Hostage situations, Border infiltration monitoring, Local law enforcement operations, Search and Rescue operations, Disaster management, Aerial Photography and more.

NETRA is a small light weight man-portable UAV which can be launched from a small clearing by the roadside and made to fly over the area of interest at a height of up to 300m AGL and it will send continuous real time video of every movement on ground. One can observe every activity within an approximate area covering a circle of 4 km diameter. “Zoom in” provision will enable identifying human activity up to 500 m away from the UAV where the UAV itself can fly upto 2 km distance from the take-off point.

The salient features include a completely flight mode, which means, the vehicle flies on its own and returns on its own to the home base after completion of the mission. It is so user friendly that anyone can operate it within a few days of training. It has both day and thermal cameras to operate in daytime and pitch dark conditions respectively. The Failsafe systems ensure that it comes back home even if communication breaks down or when the battery which powers the system starts depleting.

All the video coverage is saved by default and within minutes of landing the data can be downloaded into CDs for dissemination.

The system NETRA has been developed by Ideaforge Technology Pvt. Ltd., India

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