Walking Rehabilitation Devices:Walking Assist Device de Honda

Finally, lack of physical mobility end up losing the battle. Occasionally, some news reminds us.
In order to increase the monitoring of their use and viability, on May 28 Honda Motor Co., announced its intention to extend the lease of 100 units at Japanese hospitals of its Walking Assist Device, designed for rehabilitation training and physical therapy to walk. To date, Honda has worked with the WAD in seven hospitals. With the announcement, each hospital will have a couple devices size M and L.

Walking Assist Device

 The WAD, whose research and development began in 1999, adopts cooperative control technology developed through studies by Honda on human gait, the same used in ASIMO, the humanoid robot. Based on information obtained by angle sensors at the height of the hip, active engine control computer, improving the symmetry of time in each lift from the ground and in its forward extension, making strides. The device weighs less than 2.6 kg. Can be used with the belts and can adapt to different types of body sizes.

Walking Assist Device

Size of hip frame M-size (hip width: 340 mm)
L-size (hip width: 380 mm)
Weight Less than 2.6 kg (including battery)
Operating time per charge More than 60 minutes
Battery Lithium-ion battery, 22.2V-1Ah
Use environment Indoor or outdoor (except in rain) flat surfaces
Appropriate temperature range for storage Between -20 C and 55 C
(approximately -4 F and 131 F)
Appropriate temperature range for use Between 0 C and 30 C
(approximately 32 F and 86 F)
Appropriate humidity range for use Between 30% and 85%

Walking Assist Device in use

On the course, if it’s for walking humans if robots will also be doing some type of work in the factory. Watch the following video, a prototype of 2008




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